Years C Commands

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The key is configurable

– The Calendar key (default: U) will show you every info you need to know that the mod gives currently.

– To set your age type: /jycage (livedDays) [playerName]

  setting livedDays mean the days the character already lived, It can be from 0-450 any number. Above 50 days is an adult livedDays number.
if your livedDays is above 450 you might die randomly from being old.

– To set a date type: /jycdate (amount)(D or M or Y) (amount)(D or M or Y) (amount)(D or M or Y)

  for example: /jcydate 3D 4M 5Y and it will be the 3rd of the 4th month in the year 5.
  if you want to set only one from them currently type something like this:
     /jycdate 5Y 1 1
  Only the number with a letter after it counts that you want to set.  but for now it needs dummy numbers that wont do anything.