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Martial Artist

Stats increase levels rated from Normal to Outstanding (1-3)

Body: 2

Speed: 2

Stamina: 2

Max Ki: 2

Ki Control: 2

Ki Regen: 2


Stats increase levels rated from Normal to Outstanding (1-3)

Body: 3

Speed: 3

Stamina: 3

Max Ki: 1

Ki Control: 1

Ki Regen: 1


Stats increase levels rated from Normal to Outstanding (1-3)

Body: 1

Speed: 1

Stamina: 1

Max Ki: 3

Ki Control: 3

Ki Regen: 3

Stats sheet

Training Points

These points are used to upgrade or learn skills and attributes. They can be earned using the basic ki punch with Left-Clicking on enemies and to deal a great amount of damage, if you hear a punching sound means it was successful and you might receive a JRMCexp point. 10 of these exp points will be converted to 1 Training Point. Ki attacks will also get you exp however not that much yet. Also, you can earn TP with Training in Hyperbolic Time Chamber or on King Kai’s Planet for a time.


Attributes currently have a maximum limit of 10k. The default is 500.You can change this in the config. The upgrade costs increase gradually.

Strength: Physical Power determines the Ki punches base power. Attack damage profits the most of it.

Dexterity: Physical Speed determines mainly some base speed for basic fast movements and defence. Dexterity increases the defence stat and increases speed stat when maxed.

Constitution: Health, Stamina and Body size. Health and Stamina stats are benefited from it the most.

Willpower: Increases Ki damage Benefits the Ki attack damage the most

Mind: Increases Ki control and skill limits. Benefits Transformations the most.

"Spirit" Increases amount of Ki. Benefits Ki.


"Health" Handles additional health above the Minecraft 20HH default. (will change later on)

Speed: Handles basic fast movements.

Stamina: Allows one to actually hit things with Strength (Required for melee)

Max Ki: Handles maximum Ki pool.

Ki Control: Decreases Ki lost from transformations.

Ki Regen: Handles Ki regeneration rate.


Skills can be learned from main NPCs and can be upgraded to level 10.

Jump: You can jump higher and higher.

Dash: You can Sprint faster.

Fly: By default, you can’t fly unless you learn this skill, and upgrading it you can fly faster.

Endurance: It can reduce incoming damage from Ki attacks and Ki punches by maximum 30% at level 10

Potential Unlock: You will be able to use your maximum power releasing it from 50% to maximum 100% at level 10. It will also allow to charge Ki attacks above normal charge level to deal greater damage.

KaioKen: Learn it from King Kai. Look at the skills menu and press the button next to the skill, if its red then pressing the ascend key (default G) will result in using Kaioken. It is possible to use Kaioken for super Saiyan but it's not meant to be worth it.

Ki Attack Techniques

You can create a your own or learn pre-made Ki attacks.

Custom: Under Construction!

Learnable: There are currently 10 learnable Ki Attacks. They are:


Ki Blast

Spirit Bomb

Destructo Disk



BigBang Attack

Final Flash

Galick Gun