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Dragon Blocks

  • They have a chance to spawn around every player every in-game day once.
  • They spawn on Earth and on Namek and can be detected with a Dragon Radar.
  • If you find 7 of one type you can summon the dragon by placing the Dragon Blocks in H formation on the ground and Right-Click the middle one.
  • Than the Dragon after Right-Clicking on it will give you a few wish options to choose from.
  • Earth has a dragon called Shen Long and Namek has Porunga.
  • After choosing a wish Porunga will grant it 3 times more then Shen Long currently.


See the recipes here on how to craft them.

By pressing F4, you can scroll through the different functions on a scouter. These consist of two modes primarily, location and battle power.



By using Location, you can check your surrounding area for any mobs or NPC characters and on the scouter you will receive an indicator that alerts you of their presence. The alternate function to this mode is accessed after you scroll past the first battle power function which comes after the location function. This one will have an “MP” next to it, representing multiplayer. With this you can see if there are any other players in your general area.

Battle Power:

Battle Power offers an accurate representation of an opponents strength. While another players power can be hidden and changed rapidly, a mobs will not. This mode lets you compare your power to that of your enemies in order to understand the threat before you better. Be careful though, because if an enemy is too strong for the scouters tier it will break.

Scouter Tier Limits:

  • At tier one it breaks above 100,000 bp
  • At tier two it breaks above 1,000,000 bp
  • At tier three the scouter will never break for any reason besides being worn down like normal armor.


See the recipes here on how to craft it.

Right-Click on the Space pod, then middle click to bring up the GUI, press the on button, then press a number which represents the world where you want to go, after then press the start.

Control the Pod like a boat, Jump key will fly up and Ctrl key will get you down.

Flying Nimbus

The Flying Nimbus is one of the mods custom vehicles that allows flight through the air by pressing space to ascend and control to descend.

Only Good players can receive one from Korin, and it serves as a way for players to get around faster until they level up their flying skill.

It can be entered like any other vehicle (Boat, minecart, Etc.) by right clicking to place it down, and then right clicking again to fly it.

Jump key will fly up and Ctrl key will get you down.

Dark Flying Nimbus

The Dark Flying Nimbus it's the opposite of the Flying Nimbus and darker, it will be given by Korin if you are Evil.

Only Evil players will be able to use it.

Safe Zone

Every Friendly Main NPCs like Kami has a safe zone around them, and a warning message should appear aswell if you enter.

Inside the Safe zone only creative player can build or mine, regular survival player can not build mine or even Right-Click blocks except doors.