Dragon Block C NPCs

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A deity who lives at the top of Korin Tower. He can teach you skills, give you a Flying Nimbus if the player is on the good side and a Senzu bean everyday too.


The Guardian of the Earth or just simply God living above Korin Tower at the Lookout. Ha can also teach you skills and if you are a saiyan or a half-saiyan he can “cut tail off” but also “force regrow” it back too.

Master Roshi

Also known as the Turtle Hermit, is an ancient and wise martial arts master and lives in a pink house (kame house) on a little island in a large ocean biome. He can teach you some skills and his trademark kamehameha.


When you die and go to the Otherworld and spawn at Enma’s Palace. You will need to meet Enma to get back to life for now. But it will change soon so be prepared.

King Kai

Behind Enma there is the Snake Way that leads to King Kai. He can currently only teach you some skills aswell but soon he can teach you Kaioken and the Spirit bomb again.

Master Goku

He will be standing right next to his house in a plains biome. if you are good he will teach you some attacks.

Master Frieza

Found on Namek, right next to his ship. If you are evil he may teach you some attacks.

Master Cell

Found right next to his CellGames Arena. If you are evil he will teach you almost all the attacks.

Master Babidi

Found in his ship in a plains biome. You need to meet him in order to start Buu saga.

Normal Friendly


Inhabitants of Planet Namek who spawn in a group of 3 with a namekian house. Currently they dont have any important role only if they are kill players can get fast evil. Soon they will get their role aswell.

Shen Long

Summoned by the Dragon Blocks that spawn on Earth. If you interact with him you will get a list of wishes to choose from. Soon it will change. And his look too.


Summoned by the Dragon Blocks that spawn on Planet Namek. If you interact with him you will get a list of wishes to choose from. And he also will grant the wish 3 times for now. Soon it will change.

Normal Enemy


A Paozusaurus currently the only Dinosaur in the mod but soon others will come too. Currently its stats are Health: 200 Damage: 4 HH (HalfHearts ) and 5 Body Drop: Dino Meat that restores at least 30% of Body but maximum 500 Body MC Experience: 50


Inhabitants of Planet Vegeta and get aggressive if attacked. Health: 40 Damage: 0 HH (HalfHearts ) and 10 Body Ki Attack: should be around 4 Body Drop: Nothing if I’m not mistaken MC Experience: 5

Saga villians

Under construction!