Dragon Block C Controls

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Default Key Description

  • "V"
    • Character creator after that Stat Sheet that contains Attributes, Skills, Ki attacks
  • "C"
    • Ki Release or Ki Charge if configured. Color based on alignment.
  • "G"
    • Ascending if you have transformations skill upgraded
  • "H"
    • Resets release percentage and descend if transformed
  • "F"
    • Flight if Skill learned or can be configured to fly without skill
  • "R"
    •  allows you to use “Turbo”, it will be a little boost to the ki consuming activities.
  • "L"
    • Saga System key
  • "F4"
    • Scouter Function Key that switches the functions of your Scouter
  • "Middle Mouse"
    • (Pick block)Cycle through the ki attacks at the right side
  • "Ctrl"
    • 2nd Function key, allows you to have a few additional features to a few keys
  • "Ctrl+C"
    • Decrease the Ki Release percentage
  • "Ctrl+Middle Mouse"
    • Cycle backwards the ki attacks at the right side
  • "Ctrl+(1-8)" or "Ctrl+Mouse Wheel"
    • Cycle through the ki attacks at the right side

Needs empty hand! Function

  • "Right-Click"
    • If ki attack selected and enough ki to preform it than Right-Click will cast it